The Samsung Galaxy Range Covers every The Bases

Samsung is going from strength to strength in terms of its smartphone sales, recently announcing photograph album breaking figures for its flagship, the Galaxy S2. The Galaxy range now has several swap models, suiting interchange types of user and standing at various price points. In this article, I will look at a couple of the handsets in the range Samsung galaxy wallpapers.

Samsung Galaxy S2
If you are at every excited in technology and gadgets, chances are you have heard of the Galaxy S2. This handset is offers premium technology in roughly every aspect of its spec list. It boasts the subsequent to of a dual-core processor (1.2 GHz ), 8 mega pixel camera behind full HD video capture, and the latest description of the well-liked Android platform. It is in addition to well-known for its tall complete touchscreen, which makes it ideal for multimedia use. The hardware upon pay for makes it an ideal showcase for the Android Market, as users can recognize advantage of over 500,00 apps which can be downloaded directly to the handset. The Galaxy S2 was recently announced as the manufacturer’s best selling smartphone, and is quick becoming the handset of choice for those who are looking for an rotate to the iPhone 4S.

Samsung Galaxy Note
The Samsung Galaxy Note is something of a unique concept. It is something of a hybrid of a smartphone and a tablet, later than a 5.7 inch screen past stylus pen functionality and a pixel utter that stands at a whopping 800x 1280. It as well as offers super quick internet connectivity via 3G and Wi-Fi connections, the similar 8 megapixel camera as the Galaxy S2, and even more direction skill at a massive 1.4 GHz (dual-core chip). Therefore, expect super quick take action in every aspect from the responsiveness of the touchscreen to the loading and vigorous period of applications. The size of this device may put off some user who may be more suited to the Galaxy S2, but it will be of gain to many others. The large screen and protester technology create this a unique, top of the descent device, seen nowhere else in the publicize at the time of writing.

Samsung Galaxy R
Similar to the Galaxy S2 in most respects, the Samsung Galaxy R offers a slightly more affordable alternative. The main difference in the midst of the two is that this handset has a 5 megapixel camera rather than the 8 megapixel unit found upon the Galaxy S2. It with has slightly less running power, gone a 1 GHz dual-core processor. To put this into perspective, this is the thesame amount of government capability as the extra iPhone 4S. Put it this way, if the Samsung Galaxy R was nearby just a year ago, it would have been the most objector smartphone available at the time. Unless you are a technology believer who is up to date once the details of this technology, the financial lead may create the Galaxy R a more attractive device.

All of these handsets run the Android OS, and have the TouchWiz UI, which is Samsung’s custom Android interface. As you can see, Samsung completely likes to taint its potential customers for choice; when top of the origin handsets as soon as the Galaxy Note, a flagship Android smartphone in the Galaxy S2, and a slightly more affordable story in the Galaxy R. There are even more choices in the Samsung Galaxy range, which cover the budget, compact and Qwerty keyboard alternatives, which I will cover in substitute article. every of these handsets are reachable now upon various UK networks, and some are currently offering the handset for forgive upon selected tariffs.